Monday, November 6, 2017

"New" loom finally assembled

My goodness, it has been a while since we lasted updated this blog.  Two years ago a Friend and I drove 13 hours to Talent Oregon to meet a Talented weaver who was moving out of the country and had to sell her looms and materials.  I purchased her loom and all of her remaining materials and got a great price for the lot.  The loom and the materials have been sitting in my garage doing nothing but collecting dust.  Well no more.  After assisting a friend with setting up her loom and teaching her how to weave I decided to turn my guest room into my studio and assembled the beauty you will see below.

The loom is a 1989 AVL Production Dobby Loom (PDL) with 16 shafts with Comp-Dobby I.  I am currently awaiting new parts for the loom that got lost in transit. Once I have the parts I will begin a new run if shawls on this beautiful machine. Watch this space for more updates.

Jason Hall
The Loomy Weaver